I don't know what to think of this? Why are they doing this?

My ex boyfriend and his girlfriend came into my work the other day, they were on a staff night out. My ex and I ended on a bad note and there are unresolved issues. I do not know his colleagues except from one person who is my friend. His colleagues somehow know that I am his ex. They kept winding him up the whole night asking 'are you going to get back with her, go up to her, ask her, you keep looking at her' etc. I did notice him looking at me. Anyway, they kept going on about it the whole night despite of the fact his girlfriend was sat next to him. He didn't even tell them to stop it. And he kept asking my friend if it was me going past every time someone from my work walked past there table he would say 'oh is that her'.

He was even asking my friend private things like how I found him in bed etc. Why is that?


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  • Well... From the sounds of it he's still interested in you... But he seems like trouble to me, honestly. I mean, he obviously doesn't care about his current girlfriend that much if he was letting all of that happen right infront of her. He's probably only interested in you and her for the sex tbh... He's not worth your time.


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