I have been friends with this guy for about 1.5 years now. At first I only see us as friends but I started to develop feelings for him. We are always joking around and we both said that if neither of us ever need anything, we will be there for each other. He lied about liking the same musician as I do. I feel like he is always play hot and cold with me. He always suggest that we "hang out" but he never goes through it. He always say's he will let me know, but never does. So last week he wanted to hang out but I told him I had to work. This past week I was free so I told him he should take me out and he said yes. I asked him what I meant by hang out and he said, I am taking you out on a date. I feel like he had feelings for me because of the way he treats me. Sometimes we text late, he would text me like 5 in the morning. Other times I will text him and he won't respond for like 2-3 weeks and his respond would be, " hey how are you, I have not heard from you? WTF. So on on our date I told me that I like him and that I took initiative because I felt like things were weird between us and does he see anything happening between us. He said that he kinda likes me and we might have potential of something happening and his been praying about it. He called me cute when we got out of the car and paid for meal and I am pretty sure we had a great time, we laughed and joke and stuff. When he droped me off, he said he will text me. It has been two days and he has not text me but he posting stuff on FB. I won't be upset if he doesn't like me but I would be pissed if he is playing me. What should I do?

I forgot to mention that he said he kinda likes me and I have potential wth?


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  • Second option

    • ok, so what should I do? stop being his friend or what?

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    • I dont, I think I would a break for him because if he sees me as a second option, than why ask me on a date and led me on? its a douchy move to me

    • I meant I would a small break from him.

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