When having a crush on a close friend, which is most important to you?

Is keeping the friendship the same, or letting them know you like them and making a possible relationship out of it more important to you when you have a crush on a close friend?

  • Keeping the friendship as it was
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  • Possible having a relationship
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What Guys Said 1

  • If you do nothing you'll wonder "what if" for the rest of your life and it will kill you. If you tell and it doesn't go your way at least you tried and you'll know so you can get closure. Just because you tell isn't an automatic death sentence to your relationship


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think it's healthy to hide your emotions. If you have feelings for a close friend you should definitely let them know. This might change the friendship but it might not. You guys could end up dating and having a great relationship. You guys could end up dating and having a bad relationship this could lead to the end of your friendship. But, hey, that's life! Never do something out of fear.