My extroverted friend is ignoring me and talks to me in a shy voice. Why?

So last year, my friend stated very clearly we were just friends. She said it, and now she's acting very different around me.

Last month, since we were just friends (so I assumed), I asked her for advice on a girl. She gave me the advice, but what I don't understand is why she began to ignore me. Last year, she would always tease me and talk and smile at me. Then she stopped teasing me and rarely talked with me, and when she did it was a shy voice and her smile was very shy, which is weird because she's pretty extroverted and social. So when she began to talk to me again, I told her about my elementary crush and she seemed really, really sad because she began to ignore me again. And she got shyer than last time.

But I guess I got feelings for her too, and she found out, and when she confronted me she sounded really excited and happy. She just needed me to hear her say I did like her, but I was nervous, so I told her I wasn't sure. She told me to tell her when I was sure. So I decided to wait, and now she's ignoring me again. If not, she's doing it worse than the last two times. But she keeps asking my friend why I haven't approached her. I'm just confused why she's ignoring me. She could just ask me why.

Why isn't she asking me?

  • I hurt her
  • Personal family issues
  • Someone else did something wrong and she wants me to find out what
  • Angry with me
  • Doesn't want to be friends anymore
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  • Dude you fucked it up sooo bad! She came to you and you were 'nervous', so you held back. Man, you better go get that!

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