Guys, do I have a right to still be annoyed?

The guy I've been seeing basically the whole year has recently started tagging and getting tagged by a girl. My best friend knows her as they use to work together. She's sorta come out of no where in the last month. At first I didn't think much of it because it seemed like they were just mates but some of the things said can be quite flirty.

We had a talk the other day where I said it kinda makes me feel a bit shit and he said that they are close and he mucks around with her like he does shell ( one of his best friends wives) and he said he hasn't slept with her or anything like that.
I just saw she's still tagging him and he's replying. It's kind of annoyed me. I have a pretty good idea of who his friends are and I know she's just come out of the blue. Do I have a right to be annoyed?

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  • It's just a friend.. Is your guy good to you? If so, then just trust him. It seems that you're borderline stalking his social media.


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