I'm so confused, any help?

So, I like this girl, and I thought I felt a good vibe with her, but I'm so confused. She added me on SC and we started talking personally outside of that. She asked a LOT of questions about me, seemed really flirty and so on, and I tried to be the same way back, she seemed to notice it and got more flirty as well. So, little time passes, and I just ask her out, she says no ("I'm busy" type of thing). With no alternative I took it as a sign, but I usually have a 2/3 strike rule (depends on how much I like her). I then ask her out again, but again she says she's busy.

I see her in person, and she walks up to me, starts talking to me, teasing me, blushing, and then says "Oh my gosh, I am so hungry, I want to get some food after school at PF Changs". The thing was, thats the place I wanted to take her on a date, and she never talked about that place until now, so bringing it up I thought it was a sign. So, I ask her, "Hey you want to go there together after school?" She says, "No I'm fine but thanks".

WTF is going on? She shows signs she likes me, blushes, teases me, eyes dilated, eye contact, touchy (she even spent five minutes just fixing my hair), texting first, but everytime I ask her out, she shoots me down. Any help?


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  • She is using you for validation and ego inflation.


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  • leave it man, she's just leading you on