Did I make a big mistake texting a girl after our date?

So I went out on a first date with a girl and we both drove there. I've known her for a month since we are in the same math class in college.
She lives a half hour away and goes on the freeway and she was really sleepy at the end of our date (she even told me).
An hour after our date I texted "Lisa did u get home ok?"
She then responded 3 hours later and said "yea I just took a nap and woke up an hour ago"
I then replied 15 minutes later "glad to hear :)" "I could tell u were really sleep so I was just a little worried :p"
She hasn't responded since. I was trying to be sweet but...


The date I would say went so-so
So she finally responded back after 5 hours with "haha thx"
Good thing I suppose?


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  • No, you did the right thing by texting her. I've wondering this too and I've decided it's either good to text afterwards or the next morning, depending on how well the date went. If you feel it went so-so, probably wouldn't text her at all.

    • Happens to everybody! Some chicks are just kind of drags. Sometimes girls don't feel good enough so they ignore certain men. I have a theory on this.

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    • I don't have a snapchat and I doubt she has one since she has no other social media.

      What do you mean that I should just date someone else? Do you think she is not interested? I was planning on asking her out for a second date next week in class.

    • You can ask her and really no harm. It's just that if a woman is going to ignore your text for a couple of hours, it's like I'd rather not even try to go after her.

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  • I think it's sweet and you didn't make a mistake, maybe she's just not used to that


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