Girl I met and have been taking out just started a relationship?

So i have taken this girl out on like 8 or 9 dates, gone out ridin old back roads in my wrangler. And just had fun. Something she said she hasn't had in a long time. And seemed to like me. But then like date 4 she said she entered a relationship the night before.. im in the marine corps and am home on leave. And i dont have much time to leave an impression on this girl. I like her a lot. Like she is different from any girl i have ever met before. But like she just started a relationship. Im taking her out for dinner and ice skating tomorrow before i leave again. I don't know what to say cause its kinda like the elephant in te room but i feel like we connect very well. I don't know how to ask her what she wants. Cause for the first time in a long time i feel happy. And i really wanna give it a try with her. I just dont know how to come out and say it. Especially in this situation. Idk?


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  • Sorry I don't know if I've misread - she's just started a relationship with someone else but is going out on dates with you still?

    • yea. she started dating him like 2 nights ago.

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    • I would tell her you'd be interested in seeing where a relationship went, but if her current relationship was serious then it's best you don't see her before you leave.
      Why go if there is no chance and your into her 😕 What a crappy situation

    • yea. i guess your right. just really sucks. 😔

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  • Tell her you're in the military, and ask if she'd like to come with you, and tell her if she does, you guys could get married and the military will give you a lot of extra money and a house. Find out if she wants to leave her home town. That's important to know since you're leaving anyhow.