How do I move on?

Okay, so, to shorten this up.

I've liked this guy for a long time now. But he's in a relationship and Im in a relationship as well. Let's just say that we've been flirting a lot in person and eventually we went somewhere and messed around. The next few days he avoids me, and then we finally talked and he admitted that he does like me, and that he didn't want it to stop, but that it has to change. That he's in a relationship and so am I.

I broke up with my boyfriend a few days after that, because if I truly loved my boyfriend, I wouldn't have done that. Call me a bad person all you want, I know I am already. Anyway, he's still with her, but looks at me constantly, but also avoids me.

It would have been easy to get over this pig of a guy, but unfortunately I am seriously head over heels over this guy and have been for years. I've cried myself to sleep because of him and he's all I think about. And it's really hard to move on since I have to see him every single day.

He claims he loves her so much, but yet he does this to me. Why? And how do I deal with this? How do I make this better for myself so I don't cry myself to sleep anymore?


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  • Well first if his situation doesn't change then you should cut ties with him and try to start moving on to get away from that situation. As for moving on everyone is different and the way/ amount of time it takes to move on can vary. The two best methods that work for me are either writing about it from the heart and putting all the thoughts, emotions, hurt, and anything else down on paper (I find it cathartic in a way) or talking to someone you trust about it.
    Plus your situation doesn't make you a bad person

    • Thank you.

    • You are welcome miss and I hope you heal well and are able to find love and happiness in the future when you are ready! Best of luck to you girl and if you someone to listen you can message me ❤️

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  • sounds like he is just playing around with emotions, f*** him and f*** what he is about, let me take you step by step in the recovery programme:
    first you are a good person for ending it with your boyfriend, leading him on would have been a shit thing to do.
    2.) buy a shit load of ice cream, water and broccoli
    3.) sit in front of a mirror and talk about your experiences with him, eat ice cream for the good, broccoli for the bad and drink water for the neutral.
    4.) write down your goals in life career wise, think about what you want to do with your life, finish school, get a good job, get money and travel, write it all down.
    5.) get a new hobby i recommend learning a new language, this leads to meeting and speaking with new people.
    6.) buy new clothes and strut like a boss.
    7.) see him again and don't give a f***
    8.) if you still do repeat steps 2 to 6
    9.) text me for further advice.
    good luck


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  • Went somewhere and messed around? explain?

    • We went somewhere private and we did sexual things to each other.

    • Well at least you almost did the right thing and broke up.. It could perhaps lead the mind to wonder how many other girls he has done this to..

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