27 and still alone......I can't seem to get myself to date.

I'm 27...never been in a relationship with anyone. I haven't dated much at all. It's really intimidating I guess since I haven't dated much at all. I'm scared as heck to let anyone get too close to me. I know I'm not ugly. I'm educated and Athletic, but I'm pretty conservative. I can joke around, but to a point.

My parent's were divorced when I was really young. I come from a family of strong women and I'm a very independent person. I've lost a lot of people in my life recently and I guess I'm scared as heck to let someone in, in fear of eventually losing them also.

I'm just starting to realize that I need to start dating more, but I just can't seem to let people get close to me. The few people I've dated, I start to back off when I see they're interested.

I'm just wondering if anyone else there has any input that would be helpful to me. I start to think about it at times and it kinda brings me down. I know that I do have a lot to bring into a relationship, I just can't seem to make the effort to do so.


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  • I feel you, I'm 22 and always been single, never had a girlfriend, sucks more for me since I'm a guy and us guys always have to initiate


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  • You sound like a strong person that simply doesn't mind being alone. That sounds blunt but there are many ways to put it, I mean I think it would have been the best route to go in my life, and I wish that I had! At 3 my dad cheated on my mom, moved 3,000 miles away...11 stepdad(father to me) bales, gets married three months later and wife cuts off all contact. at 19 a friend I thought I could trust got me into a car accident, told the cops I was driving and there I was with 200 in medical, missing a tooth and had a brain injury. I only kept one friend through my car accident, all the others I realized, like many people do in these situations, were not as much friends as we were party acquaintances. So healing time leads from one thing and place to another and I got married. I gave up what little I had moved to his hometown six hours away and thought starting over sounded great.

    Two years later now and I can list a few things off to ya...

    1st friend I made, slept with husband, 2nd friend I made slept with husband, come to find out my husband was doing a lot more than my friends.

    I was upset then closed myself off from him and stayed close to my mom, Grandmother, GOD, and my friend. They stayed by my side through everything, so when I decided to go back to my husband and work on my marriage they were there for me.

    I lost all trust in females and almost lost it in males. Its been a while now, things were going pretty good with everything then medical problems completely gave my life lots of surprises. My mom had to come take care of me because my husband was out on his new speed boat...anyhow to make a long story short at that time all I had then was a phone relationship with my gma and best friend but my mom was the ONLY person there for me. If I didn't have her I don't know what I would have done.

    A year later the same problem, back in the hospital, husband sank the boat drunk and got a sports car the very week I was in the hospital. I went back to my hometown to see my mom and friend. My friend ends our friendship in a 20 second phone call over a girl he had met 8 days prior, she did not want him to have a female friend...

    So that's it, only person, only one was my mom. I should have kept it that way from day one.

    If I would have only gone your route...

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