Girls, would you have a problem with a guy not wanting to say his height on tinder?

Let say you are on tinder and ask the guy how tall he is and he just doesn't want to answer. Would that be a problem?


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  • I'd never ask a guy how tall he is but playing along with this scenario: It would be a sign that he is majorly insecure.

    I dated a dude who had a lot of scars on his shoulders, maybe from being sick or acne or something. He was clearly insecure about it and it was a major turn off. To clarify: his insecurity was a turn off. I didn't give a fuck about his scars.


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  • Usually means he's like 5'4 and ashamed of it instead of being a man and owning it and being confident anyway

    • Well, I'm 5'9, short but not crazy short. But dont you think its a lose lose situation. You state your height and she goes "na too short bye", you dont state your height and you're insecure.

    • I've never had a chick say 5'9 is too short, thats bizarre. 5 9 to 511 is average height anyway. Could just lie and give yourself a few inches, people always estimate my height as more anyway just because im confident, it really doesn't make a difference.

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  • Yea cause of ur shorter then her thats a big no no

    • What if he's not shorter he just doesn't want to say his height. Just like a girl can have big boobs but if a guy asked her breast size she might not want to answer

    • She doesn't know that though she might cut you off if you don't tell her lol

What Guys Said 1

  • It would be funny if this became a thing: "oh my god Jessica, you' can't just ask a guy about his height!" just like with a woman's age or weight.

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