Does he really like me, or just wants to get into my pants?

So I met this guy, we went out 3 times in total. He's really nice, askes questions about me, he's really open with me. The only problem is that he never textes me, I always text him first (I have no problem with that, it's just that I start thinking that he doesn't give a crap about me).
He forgets things that I've already told him...
Last time we went out, he tried to kiss me, and I didn't let him cause it seemed to early for me, since I've never kissed before. Since then, I texted him, but he seems colder...(maybe it's because he's sick, he got a cold... i don't know...)
Anyway, I'm very confused... does he like me, or just wants to get physical, and use me as a toy?
Ps: he's very caring, asks how was my day, makes compliments, but again, could that be just a method to get into my pants?

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What Guys Said 1

  • He's most likely busy and embarrassed that he went to far to early on. Give him a bit of time and he'll come around!

    • He wrote today :) So... I really hope you're right :3

What Girls Said 2

  • he wants to fuck up

  • oh c mon. never. He might be liking you and just a normal kiss is not too much. according to me even you would want to kiss him !!! right!!!1

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