Girls, if you found out a guy liked you and you liked him too, but he began ignoring you (because you did too), how would you want him to apologize?

So yeahhh.

I told my friend I didn't like her by telling her I liked a different girl, so she got hurt and she began ignoring me. I didn't really want to find out why so I ignored her back. She began talking to me over time, but I did another idiotic move: I told her I was trying to get back in contact with my elementary crush. She began ignoring me again.

But I eventually lost feelings for my crush, and they developed for her. She found out just recently, and she sounded really happy. However, my friends told her, and not me (even though I told them not to). She confronted me, and I guess she wanted to hear the words from my mouth. Instead, being the idiot I am, I said "I don't know how I feel about you." Now she's back to ignoring me like before, but she keeps asking my friends why I haven't approached her. It's because she's ignoring me. I know it isn't ALL her fault, some of it's mine, and I still feel awful everyday I ignore her, and I'm sure she feels the same when she does too. I want to apologize to her and tell her I do like her, but am not sure how to. Any tips on doing that? I just want her to know that I'm being sincere, and am not joking with her. Any tips on how to apologize to her?


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  • You need to talk to her and tell her how you really feel. The best way to do that is to be straightforward and honest. Tell her "I do like you, I'm sorry when I said I didn't. I was just really nervous to say it to you." If I were the girl in that situation, that is how I would want to hear it and I think it would be super cute that the guy was nervous and also very sweet that he admitted what happened and how he really felt.


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