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this guy and I recently stopped talking, I accidentally drunk texted him last night. He's all about like bikini pics and stuff and I have him on snapchat, my question is, even though we stopped talking can I/ should I send him a mirror pic in my bra and panties? What would you think if this happened to you?

he doesn't think taking pics like that make you slutty, I'm just more so worried about the fact that I will come off as desperate.


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  • first!

    • should I do It or not?

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    • lol are u kidding me? he's obvs looking for some nudes.. and u want him to send that? comon girl u can do better! send him a pic of ur face.. smily face!

    • aw hahah okay thanks!!

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  • Non don't do it. I would do it to my boyfriend i've been with or three years.. Not just some guy i drunk texted.. Truth...

    • Even if you feel like he would like it, it's just privacy of your body.. It's not lady like, if i can say it like that.

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  • Might b a gateway to having a line of communication again... I say go for it...

    • yeah I thought so! But I texted him last night while I was drunk. Do you think I'll come off as desperate?

    • No... unless you've never done it before and randomly do it outta nowhere...

    • never done what before?

  • Don't send him that picture. He just want to see you nude. He can save that picture and use in a wrong way.