Did my coffee date go well if it lasted an hour and she excused herself?

So a girl asked me out to coffee right after our college class (she even wanted to pay for my drink since she asked me out but I was getting 2 bagels since I didn't eat lunch yet so I payed for my own). We have a coffee place on our campus so it was convenient.

So in total the date lasted 45 minutes sitting down and 15 minutes waiting in line.

I wouldn't say I'm the best conversationalist but near the end she was checking her phone when the convo was going stale. Then she said "oh it's 4 already..., I gotta get home."
There just wasn't all that much to talk about since we have known each other for 2 months and we sit right next to each other in class and talk frequently.

Was I boring and will I get a second date? She could have left earlier if she wanted right? Should I ask her out to the movies on our second date and kiss her at the end? I feel like I screwed up but since I sit next to her in class maybe I could redeem myself and make her interested in me again?


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  • She was probably bored. I mean, even with friends I stay out for more than 2 hours. Try and ask her out again, however I don't think she enjoyed herself.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, it sounds like you kind of blew it. She wouldn't have excused herself if you really did well...

    • How long should a coffee date actually last then?

    • It's not about the duration, it's about the fact that she started to check her phone without an impetus other than a stale conversation. Not a good sign...

    • Yea I know. Can I redeem myself? Should I ask her to the movies or another coffee date? She was obviously really interested in me before our date but now she thinks I'm boring. In class I would talk to her a lot since I was already prepared but the coffee date was unexpected so I could only keep the conversation going for 40 minutes before it went stale.