Girls, how do you feel about this apology I'm thinking of telling my friend?

So yeah, I owe my friend a really big apology. I told her last month I liked a different girl, and it turned out she liked me (I didn't know at the time). Then, while I still didn't know, I told her I was trying to get back in contact with my old elementary crush. She still continued ignoring me (I ignored her back), and suddenly I lost feelings for my crushes, and, well, developed them for her. My friends told her (didn't want them to, but now I realize it was a good move), and told me she sounded excited. She asked me (presumably to hear the words herself) and being the idiot I am, said "I'm not sure how I feel about you." She told me to let her know when I made up my mind. But I guess I still had last month on my mind and I still continued ignoring her. I know she's hurt because I said "I don't know," and is hurt because I told her two times I liked different girls and not her. I want to apologize when I can finally talk to her and am considering saying this:

"Hey, [girl's name], listen, I know I haven't been a really good friend to you, and I want to apologize for it. I kind of suck with emotions and stuff, but I really do mean it. Truth is, when you asked me if I liked you, I only said 'I don't know' because I was nervous and intimidated that you were going to make fun of me. But now I decided the truth would probably be the best way to go. And the truth is, I do like you. But it's okay if you don't feel the same. I only came here to say I'm sorry because ignoring you was wrong. And I'm sorry, I really do mean it, I'm sorry for hurting you, I just hope that we can keep our friendship alive."

Girls, what do you think of this apology to her? Any thing you don't like?

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