He said that this was his weakness?

He said I figured out his weakness... and then told me that his weakness was hearing about me having a "thing" with another guy.
Our past in brief version: we had a thing a couple times, each time he broke it off because he said he wasn't responsible enough, or he didn't want to hurt me, or he thinks he could find someone closer. He said by doing that he f*cked up (said this yesterday)


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  • From what it sounds like, his "thing" is he likes to hear about you having something going on with another guy. Has he ever said anything sexually about it?

    • Well this "thing" is the guy calling me babe, texting, etc... he said it was his weakness when i explained what was happening with the other guy. I basically sent him a paragraph explain what was happening, and he said "you just figured out my weakness shit" and took forever to tell me what he meant, he also said some other things like "don't worry about it". After I told him he did ask for pictures (explicit) in exchange for him telling me , why he said what he did. I did say no. He told me what he meant after a few tries. And then later tonight I explained to him why I had problems with our previous "things" and he got mad (just not repling) because he said "it hurts because you make it sound like I wasn't enough." Then i explained my view and he said he wasn't mad any more.

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    • Well, I'm 15, he's 17. People are touchy about the age difference because they feel like he'd be in it only for sex, but we've been talking for 4 months, I believe that's not the case. And perhaps he is jealous; I'm not sure.

    • After you explained it more, it sounds like jealousy is the case. That age difference is only iffy once it gets to the 16 to 18 gap and 17 to 19. It just sounds bad for him, though I have been in his position before. Just depends on state laws in that department. Anyway, I'm like 80% sure he is jealous/just wants you back. He could have sexual motives, no way to really tell without finding out some other way (usually through someone else.) If you still like him, consider working out whatever issues you guys had/have. Make sure you make your opinions and such clear. Don't ever hide how you feel. You'll end up being hurt in the end anyway, but it will hurt more if you wait. Hope this helps! Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Maybe he's jealous. Or he meant something entirely different.