Would you stay with someone who currently has self harm issues and a history of it?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes I would, not indefinitely if their harm became harmful towards me but I would work to help them out of it. Sometimes love and understanding without bias does wonders.

    BUT sometimes it doesn't. At your age many boys and girls with so far perfect lives may not know how to help or respond. Others with so far perfect lives may use that experience to lift you up.

    My point is if someone is shitty to you over it, pay little mind. They may not be able to be a friend to ANYONE just yet in their life. Good people are put there in plenty. Some days are good, some are bad and some seem like ones we can't get pass.

    Promise yourself to breath, calm down and wake up tomorrow. If tomorrow still sucks talk to someone. Message me. I can get you in touch with someone in your area.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't get with a girl, because I want to "fix" her. That's exactly what I'd be doing to her if I did get with her. Not good for anyone


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  • No, solely because I would only hope to know prior to dating them and wouldn't want to just discover that whilst i'm dating them.

  • Yes I would, because I used to self-harm daily. On a rare occasion, I still do it. I could try to help them and teach them my coping methods.


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