Guys, what do you think about a girl asking you out on FB after 11 months of not talking?

@GaG guys
How would you react to this?

I met this guy in class last year (it's been 11 months) and we were never that close. We were in 1 group project, and we talked in passing, but never full-on conversations. We haven't talked since that class 11 months ago. I sort of had a thing for him but didn't pursue it because I was with someone else at the time. Recently he's been updating his FB profile and I'm single now and I was wondering how bizarre it would be if I messaged him completely out of the blue... how would you react if a girl you haven't talked to in months messaged you out of nowhere? Should I not do this at all? What would I even say? :( "I know we haven't talked in ages but hi how's it going?" lol fuck that sounds weird

@curious GaG girls -- do you think this is a bad idea?


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  • If you're sure you made a good impression in front of him and he still remembers you, go ahead, it doesn't sound weird to me. I love connecting with people I met in the past.

    • Umm not entirely sure tbh - I'm pretty sure he thought I was a weirdo (most people do) but he didn't necessarily hate me or anything haha.

  • It would be very surprising for sure. It depends if I thought she was cute

    • I'm pretty cute, not worried about that, but I'm also very socially awkward so I don't know if I can pull it off :(

    • Just do it, the more you think the more awkward it will become

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  • I would start more subtle like liking some of his posts first. If you have a mutual friend I'd use that as an excuse to message him, like "hey I didn't know you were friends with so m so. How did you two meet?" Or say something about the project you worked on together. Find common ground as an excuse to talk.

    • I will definitely start liking his photos more often, just wish he posted frequently! Haha. We don't have anything mutual to talk about though... ahh this is so hard

    • What about the project, like ask him " hey what grade did we get on that project, do you remember? For some reason t think we did really bad/good. "