Close or far guy? Choices?

So guy A:
Lives close by, is nice to you, likes similiar things to you, enjoys parties, has nice friends, your parent's know him, sister's best friend. You've had a thing off and on for months but he's always pulled back so "not to hurt you" or he thinks he can find someone closer. Haven't hung out in person yet, going to in a week.

Guy b: Lives 5 hours away, treats you like a queen, puts your happiness first, calls you beautiful, haven't met friends, parents or anyone doesn't know him (that you know), but you know he is real, and comes up to where you live occasionally. Going to hang out in a week.

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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm not saying the close guy is necessarilly a better guy, or a better match for you (in fact it sounds like you are more comfortable with the far guy), but a long distance relationship like that will not work out - which is the sole reason that if you are to date either of them, it should be the close guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would go with the far guy bc it sounds like he something fresh and new. Could you answer mine? Thanks!
    girlsaskguys. com/guys-behavior/q2152090-could-it-be-that-he-likes-me
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