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So I went out on 4 dates with this guy. All wonderful, like the best I ever had. He never really text me until I text him, but then we would talk all day. He admitted to chemistry between us, etc. told me he liked me and stuff. He talked about dates months ahead, so I was really excited. Well 2 planned but then blown off dates later without explanation, I moved on, no harm no foul. So it's been 2wks. He text me asking how I was and telling me he missed my face and asked for a pic, he sent me pics. Wants to hangout really soon, etc. having a conversation that he initiated and is keeping it going. So what's up? Like should I be concerned about yet another disappearing act? Why has he come around?


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  • If you do give him another chance be upfront and tell him if he does it again not to ever call again

    • Is that what he is wanting?

    • The 2most realistic reasons is
      1 he knows he missed up and hopes you will give him another chance
      2 he is trying to string you along in till he is ready for a serious relationship with you

What Girls Said 1

  • He's leading you on. You're on his back burner he's not that into you.
    If he cared, he would have explained to you when he blew up two dates.
    And last 2 weeks he didn't even bother to ask you out.. and now all of sudden he asks for your pics, he wants to hang out. That's not cool.
    I wouldn't expect much from this guy.
    If he blow a date again without any explanation drop him.

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