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Today one of my close friends told me that this guy was going to ask me out soon after 8 months of crushing over. Our history (me and the guy's) is pretty complicated and awkward. He has this friend who is also my friend and she keeps telling me he's miserable and sad in the position his in because of my distant relationship with him. She always tells me, "He really really likes you." And I just give her no comments. She tells me everything she knows about his comments over me, once that are over the top sweet. She asked if I was going to say yes to him if he does ask me out but I didn't respond. I was worried. One of my other friend likes him, pretty much desperately and I'm not sure how long it will last. Her crushes are not serious and mostly flings. And to be honest, I'd like him too for a very long time, probably more than two months. What should I do? Say yes or consider my friend first?


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  • Say yes.


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