Is he moving too fast?

I matched with a guy online; we have been texting on and off for about three weeks now - we haven't met yet because we have busy schedules.

Aside from addressing me by my actual name- he started calling me babe out of the blue last night, and to top it off he said "I think our schedules would work out well ;)" and I said "really? You think?" And he said "yeah so you would understand and treasure the spare time, which will be good. It's sometimes not easy to find people who understand and have the same schedule; I gave up too much to be where I am."

Then he ended it with "That's a good start for us," and I replied with a "Haha we will see" and he said, "It's a good starting point."

Is he expecting too much/moving too fast? Is he genuinely interested because the 'babe' thing makes him sound like a player, so I don't know since I haven't met him in person and it's just reading words?


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  • He might just be a romantic thats moving to fast for your comfort level.. or he could indeed be a player its honestly hard to tell without seeing a log of the text between the two of you.


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  • I don't think he is moving too fast, however if you're not comfortable with his pace you should tell him so.