Will he think I'm gross because I have a cough?

So there's a guy I really like and we go to the same pub midweek. We haven't known each other that long.

I've caught a cough which has been going round work.

If I go to the pub this week, will he think I'm gross and be put off me? Or will he not be bothered as he's human too and everyone gets coughs and colds?

Logically I keep telling myself he shouldn't care, but I am a bit worried.

  • Yes he will, stay at home
  • No he won't, you should go
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Most Helpful Girl

  • you should look after yourself and stay at home till your better, we all get coughs he'll understand

    • Thanks, I don't feel that bad, it just sounds gross when I cough.

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe don't go drinking until you're better?

    • Thanks, but I'm going to work, I don't want to just miss the fun stuff! But seriously I am supposed to be taking a friend, so would be letting her down if I don't go.

What Girls Said 3

  • I don't even understand this question... And you're between 36 and 45?

    Hmmmm... the only way I see you thinking this is a problem is if YOU think it's gross... If you're in any way uncomfortable about this then don't go. Reschedule if you like... He might feel you feeling awkward and then the date just won't go well.

    • Thanks. Yes, but being older hasn't made me more confident with men, I have no idea why people seem to think it should. It's not even a date, it's a group thing with friends. I was supposed to be taking a friend from work, so if I don't go I'd be letting her down.

  • I think you should stay home simply as a courtesy to others. If people would just stay the fuck home when they're sick bugs wouldn't spread as easily as they do.

    • It's a good point, and that would be true if people didn't still have to go to work with coughs and colds - I think most people catch things from their colleagues.

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    • Yeah, you'd think so. But everyone is ill all the time because there is constantly a cold going round, so it's impossible to avoid the germs.

    • The reason there is constantly a cold going around is because people don't stay the fuck home lol

  • no he won't