Confused about dating a recently Divorced Man?

I met a man on a dating app, and we went out for our second date on Friday. We went to dinner, a game and then to the bar afterward. We ended up going back to his place and hanging out, which eventually led to us having sex.

So, that night was a bit awkward because:
1. he told me that he's on the tail end of getting a divorce, explained that she cheated on him, he went to counseling, etc.
2. after sex, he told me that he has a hard time reading me and couldn't really gauge my interest in him. i reaffirmed that i am interested.
3. i asked if i was the first person he's slept with since the divorce and he said yes.
4. he told me that i'm way smarter than him, which i told him that i think he's smart and he shouldn't say things like that. he told me that he thinks it's sexy.

the next morning, we cuddled for a few hours and then went to get our cars. He kissed me goodbye twice, but didn't make mention of seeing each other again. i texted him last night and he responded this morning, which i sent a reply back that didn't necessarily garner a response, but i haven't heard anything else. he does sometimes go days at a time without contacting me, but i think i just expected more of a response after we hooked up.

does this seem pretty typical? or is he giving me the brush off after sex?


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  • He's depressed.


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  • When I was dating... I had guidelines I went by. One of them was recently divorced men. I would not date a guy that had been divorced less than a year.

  • Umm, it sounds like a typical tinder date. I don't think he's interested in anything serious right now.

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