Single and now everyone is in a relationship?

I've been single for 8 months now and in those months even till now. Everyone is in a relationship. Everywhere I go I see couples and relationships forming. I cannot lie this makes me feel like crap lol

Anyone else experience this?


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  • One of the most fool hardy things a human being can do is to compare their life to anyone elses. I've been single for ages and I wouldn't have it any other way, peace, quiet, freedom and relaxation.

    I couldn't care less what anyone else is doing or how they are living their life, unless they are doing something that can inspire me or give me new ideas.

    I do not see with envy, I see with inspiration.


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  • ask a guy out, girls who wait around expecting guys to do everything are not going to get a guy, or they will but will end up approached by a player, or a guy you will reject. and not everyone has a relationship. especially guys because girls dont want them.

  • Tell me about it -sigh-


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