Would you date someone like this? Can people change?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 months now, & when we first dated he told me he had a secret, but only told me as he felt like he had too! Anyway his family doesn't want him to marry a white girl, so his family don't know about me. So it's a secret he is keeping from them. But in about a year or 2 from now his parents are gonna look for a wife for him, which he always tells me one day he will have to leave me even though he doesn't want too and that he wants me, but he says he has too cause of his parents to make them happy! But I understand, as nothing lasts forever but of course I'm disappointed and upset but I guess that's life, but do you think a year or 2 from now he will change his mind and stick up for himself? He always says he wish he could but he is too scared as he doesn't want to disappoint them, plus the only reason he is a doctor is because they wanted him to be, he doesn't even like his job. What's your thoughts on this? Would you date someone like that?

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  • If its true then all he is doing is sewing his oats til the time comes.

    If its false he is keeping you as a side piece of @$$. playing you saying all the right things to keep you around until someone else grabs his attention


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  • He doesn't truth love you, if he did then he would stand up to his parents about being with you. Since he's going to be a coward and just do what mommy and daddy tells him, he doesn't truly care about you.


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  • I've seen this same stupid shit question several times now.


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  • Yes, people can change, but do you want to wait a year or two just to be potentially let down? How can a relationship progress if it's being kept a secret? I think you'll start to get tired of it honestly. He's already made it clear that his family's opinion comes first because he's a DOCTOR. That means he went through hell for 8 years just to satisfy them.

  • Trust me
    I'm from a similar culture
    He's just gonna leave you

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