Should I Be Worried?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 7 months, and we are currently going to different colleges. We love each other and we can't see a life without the other in it. We want to get married when we graduate college, and have animals, and a house. I am just worried that while we are at different schools he will be moving forward and getting his life started, but I am at another school just stuck. I'm just worried about him moving on without me, and him becoming someone different. I've been accepted to his college ( I wanted to go there for 2 years, but never thought I could afford it. But with enough financial aid, I might be able to.) and he was the one that told me to apply and just see. And he seemed really excited and like he really wants me to be there, and keeps saying "When you get here we can this, and that, and yadda yadda."
So, what my question is, should I be worried that he might move on without me? After writing all of this, I don't think that I should be worried as much. But I would still like some other opinions if anybody would? Thanks!!


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  • It feels uncomfortable now, and you know what my number 1 rule is, if it is within my influence to change things then I don't need to worry because I have the power to make things the way I want to... and rule number 2 if I can't change things then why am I worrying about it (there is literally no point).

    So think about what your saying above... He loves you, he wants you there, you're nearly there (but not quite) tick, tick and tick (nothing to worry about)

    these things going on are massive changes in your life, you're just feeling that, it's all a bit uncomfortable... normal to worry (but you don't need to) and once you're at college, you will both be changing as we all change as we learn and grow... but you'll be together and cross those bridges when you get to them.

    Stop worrying :)


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  • as long as u to love each other u dont have to worry about anything