Guys/Girls how would you respond to this?

Say for instance you and this girl/guy was dating for a while now & you were ready to make things serious but your partner always beat around the bush with things. You been with this person through the good times and the bad times when they lost everything. Then you two get into a heated argument which led to y'all no speaking for a month. You two decided to talk about the issue and move on. As things are going good you find out that there was somebody else he/she was seeing. Would you ask them about it?

I asked, and when I did he denied it. A couple days later he finally confessed & said "yes I know her, that's my friend... I have friends. At the end of the day I'm single and I don't feel like I owe anyone an explanation" Before he can even continue because I felt highly disrespected by his tone and what he was saying I told him he don't need to explain anything. We hung up and I instantly started crying because I felt betrayed and my feelings were highly hurt. After I got myself together I sent him a text saying "Techincally you are single, & can do what you want but I was down for you and only you. I will step back and start dating other people as well". He called me right after but I didn't answer then he sent a text saying "Ok cool, but that don't change our relationship. I care for you deeply". After that I enter the no contact phases b/c I honestly wasn't ok with him seeing somebody else & who knows how many there was. I unfollowed him on all social media apps. Then I noticed he "unliked" all my pictures/post. This all happened I would say close to a month now.

So recently his been calling but I haven't been answering, he'll text me things like "I just wanna talk to you"... but I'm thinking to myself about what? You wanted your cake and eat too & when I wanted to be in a relationship you wanted to do you. What would you do in a situation like this? Respond or just continuing moving on with your life he/she lost.


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  • I think you should move on. Don't return to him, otherwise you will face the same dilemma.