Is it normal for a white man not to find white women attractive?

I attract white women from time to time and it pains me, I just don't like them, I can't stand them, so i reject them and will only date women who aren't white. My friends think my stance is weird that I don't date white women as they are the most sought after women.

I've far better experiences with Black, Mixed and Indian women.


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  • It's not weird, we all have our preference... saying things like "I can't stand them" is a bit over the top though.

    Personally I'm a little more open, when we type cast partners we are closing the door to many experiences and even just new friendships.


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  • Most white women today don't even fit in with the definition of 'femininity', at least not the ones who are liberal, feminist or SJW, but it appears most white women today are now like that.

    White women also seem to lack traditional values today and have no respect for marriage or family values. Therefore, your lack of attraction towards is natural.


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  • I am sure there won't be any white women losing sleep over you not wanting them.


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  • This site and the rest of the internet can definitely turn you against white women. But the real world is a tad better.

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