Does a shy guy avoid/run away from a girl if he likes her?

There's this shy guy, i'm pretty sure he likes me since sometimes he does this stuff to get my attention and watch/stare at me. He also gets very nervous around me and blushes when he sees me. I feel like he wants to talk to me, but today I yelled "hi" to him since we were far away from each other, he looked at me, but didn't do anything back (Or at least I didn't see him doing anything since I can't see well) and just went home. And then when he saw me again after his work and didn't find any parking space by his home, he went around to park in another parking, then took a different route home, even though he saw me standing in the parking lot. Help please, does he like me or just isn't interested?

Also, after his ex girlfriend, he said "no more" about girls and they broke up three years ago.

He also get's upset when I "disappeared" for a couple weeks a few times, when he saw me again, his face was full of relief and other emotions.
Can someone please help? I'm very confused and need help =,<


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  • I'd say it depends. I've avoided my crush back then whenever she was with her girls.


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  • How do you know he was upset when you "disappeared" if you guys don't speak?

    When we like someone, we look for any indication that they like us back, and that leads to a lot of confusion when they do something that makes us think the opposite.

    If he's avoiding you, there isn't much you can do. He may just not want to lead you on.

    You could always approach him, rather than yell. Start by simply smiling at him, and see how he reacts. If he looks happy, go and say hi.


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  • yup some times we run away. and for a good reason... .


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