What do you consider red flags when dating someone? Do you consider these red flags or deal breakers with what I dealt with?

So my ex broke up with me the first time because he said he had mixed feelings. Second time he broke up with me was because he didn't feel the spark anymore and he was wasting my time.

These were some red flags I encountered with him:
- Drinks almost everyday. Says it's his outlet
- Had a DUI and didn't have a license but he recently got it back.
- Plays computer games a lot
- Lives with parents still
- Drives a Subaru
- Has temper issues
- Told me frequently when drunk he wants me to be his baby mama.
- Doesn't drive to your home because it's 30 minutes away/too far
- Doesn't plan dates
- Frequently has sex in his room in his parents home
- Loves partying, clubs and hanging out with friends
- Never puts you on social media but puts other girls/friends

  • Deal breakers for me and red flags-- Wouldn't date him
  • Not red flags for me
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What Guys Said 1

  • 100% deal breakers... but you probably won't do anything about it still

    • No and yeah because he left me. lol

What Girls Said 2

  • The drinking alone is a deal breaker. In what circumstance would staying with him be a possibility? I'd be out the door in seconds. Everything you list shows that he lacks the maturity to get his life together. As an adult, he's still messing around, living with his parents, and playing video games a lot. He also has temper issues, which I would never put up with.

    • True. But what if you were blind sided by love?
      I know for sure I was. :/
      He prepped me up well for that, that I brushed off all those traits.

      What are your red flags though?

    • My biggest red flag would be a person's temper and their reactions to negative situations. My mother's ex hated when she got drunk, so he'd yell at her and punch holes in the door. That is a major red flag. Other flags would be drugs, alcoholism, DUI's, a criminal record, an (inappropriate) interest for children, violence, arrogance, controlling, etc. I don't care how much I "love" them. They're gone. "Cya." I don't turn a blind side for anyone.

  • Honesty, those aren't even red flags. They're blaring sirens telling you to not date him 😅

    • They didn't show up until later in the relationship lol.
      He hid them well... I mean well.

    • Ah okay.. But still, he hid them for a reason I mean 😅

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