How can I find a nice girl these days who have never had a boyfriend and one who I can win her heart?

I am 22. I am not into loud and promiscuous girls as I am the nice girl type.

My dream and ambition is to find a sweet, pretty, and bubbly nice girl. One who has never had a boyfriend before.

I like shy girls too.


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  • Well, to do this you need to widen your views on what you think attractive is. I'll just say it, there's lots of "thicker" girls who fit just what you want. Because of their appearance, most guys don't pay them much attention, when really, they're the most sweet people on earth who know how to joke around and have a great time. Usually their self confidence is pretty low due to how they see themselves in the mirror and society's standards of an "attractive" female, so they're usually very shy... But yeah! You also shouldn't judge people immediately for their looks! It helps a lot in finding someone to date. I think if you try doing this you'll find someone very sweet in no time at all :)


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  • Lmao finding a 22 yo virgin girl that has never had a boyfriend hahaha, chicks were already getting pregnant left and right in high school and going through 5 or 10 boyfriend, expecting to find a 22 year old girl that has never had a boyfriend is laughable, and even if a girl tells you she is a virgin or has never had a boyfriend, how do you know she isn't lying etc, you'll be kissing the mouth of a chick that has taken 100 cocks. Good luck in your search to find a mother Theresa type woman 😂.


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  • You gotta be realistic. Chances are if you do find a Virgin she could have given her heart away. Vice versa. If not, who's to say your dream girl would want to be with you? Try broadening your horizons a bit.


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  • Uhh you can start by maybe not talking about "winning over hearts".

    Secondly, you will not find a girl who has not had a boyfriend at 22. VERY rare.

    Thirdly, you CLEARLY need to some serious re-evaluation of your strategy.

    • What about an 18, 19, or 20 year old girl?

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    • @cheergirl38139

      This is why I like teen girls so much.


      Sex and love are separate, yet can go hand in hand. I don't care if she has had sex before. She could have had a one night stand one time and never gave her heart.

      I want to be the first guy she falls in love with.

    • Dude grow up... you're 22 ffs. Women chase after men that have balls and ultimately can keep them in their place. You're sitting here talking about "love" and "hearts". People like you end up getting taken advantage of.

  • age 22

    not anymore boyo, maybe in college if you're lucky