Have Panic Attacks/Aniexity about Crush?

Sometimes I have a panic attack or aniexity thinking about my crush. Maybe post traumatic stress?

I don't know what I think, but thoughts race in my mind about her life, interactions, her perspective, what she thinks, how I reacted, I feel insecure, the feelings of nervousness when talking and asking her out, awkwardness... and she is stuck in my mind.

I don't know what the problem is, I can't get professional help so maybe someone can help me... I hate the feeling of aniexity.

I really liked her, and I talked to her for 1 whole year at school, I asked her out but she said no. Hurt, but I got over it, I don't need her... but I see her everyday still. I know so much about her as well.



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  • Its neither a panic or anxiety attack. Its Philophobia. The point is: stop thinking about your crush. Its just an infatuation. You either do something about it or just leave it alone. But you got rejected, so it best to just leave it alone. Its part of life. And she either see what's she's missing out, or you may not actually be good for her at all. Only she can determine that. Not you, not me, not anybody but her. And if she can't do it, only God can see that. You simply don't need professional help for this. What you need to do is get a better direction. You only get professional help, when its effecting all areas of your life. And that includes family life and school. And if your working, your career. Plus it was best to ask her WHY she wouldn't date you. She may not be ready, or isn't looking for one. Maybe she is taken, and letted you off easy without the personal questions. Its her personal business. And sadly you don't need to know about it.

    Your just going to have to wing it. When you see her, just avoid her like you never knew her. Right now your heartbroken, and that's what your experiencing other than philophobia.

    • Do I have Philophobia?

      I really loved her at the time, I would have done anything for her... but I was rejected... I don't know why, but I was probrally not good enough for her, she won't be missing anything at all. I am just a loser.

      She is not effecting other areas of my life, but all other areas of my life suck on their own. Well actually I lost all my friends after my heart broke, I was just depressed all the time and only talked about her... and they had enough of me, I stopped going out with them too, I didn't feel like going out anymore.

      I know it's her personal business, but it really sucks she doesn't want to talk about it. It just makes me feel like she is hiding her feelings, or led me on, or feels guilty about something.

      I can't handle myself when I see her, I panic and am very anxious on the inside.

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    • How do I see a professional counselor?

      I have no idea what to do, who to see, where to go? I am nervous about people finding out, or what they will think of me too... What if I saw something wrong and they send me to a mental hospital, or blackmail me or know the girl personally and tell her :( and she will think I am a complete psychopath.

    • @Asker

      Its not that bad. There is nothing mentally wrong with you. Its just that you've been abused in a manner where your love has been taken advantaged of. I think the best way to ask is to call 311 for information, and maybe they can help you. You just keep that part about you to yourself, as not everybody will be able to handle or understand it.

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  • This happened to me kind of. Except I never asked the girl out. We are just friends and she lives in a different state. For about a month all I thought about was her, and how I wished I could be with her. I almost felt that I needed closure (if she would actually say yes to a date). But I realized that you can't always get what you want. I understand that you still very much liked her, but i think you should just move on. If you're not really keeping in touch with her, chances of being with her are low. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk but at least you did get closure. It's much worse if you never asked the person. move on

    • I have moved on, but I still have these attacks...

    • Having attacks means you didn't move on. Do you always think of her?

    • Sometimes, just think about the past.

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  • Well, it seems like you still really like her! It also seem like you guys got pretty close at one point and that she's since drifted away a little bit. The anxiety in being around your crush is completely normal. People freak out when they're around their crush all the time! It's totally normal! But it seems like you're still kinda obsessed with her and he's moved on... I'm sorry to say this, but she doesn't really seem all that interested.. You'll find someone who's interested in you don't worry! But it's okay to still be friends with her! If you don't think that'll help your feelings for her fade faster, then try putting her out of sight and out of mind. Try to not be around her when you can so you don't freak out.

    • Yeah, maybe its pts? I was always nervous around her... and just having flash backs, and I feel so stupid for being awkward around her, I was never just calm... and I don't know if I should talk to her, I can't be her friend it's too hard for me but I'm not sure if I should talk to try killing the tension.

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    • Thank you so much :)

    • You are very welcome! πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Doesn't sound like anxiety or panic attacks as. In the disorder. You're just really nervous, if you take the next step the nerves should lay low.

  • It's spelled anxiety.

    And that is not anxiety.

    That is nerves.


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