Overprotective parents?

So this guy I like (and he likes me) has these Insanely overprotective parents like they won't leave us alone for two seconds. Anytime we try to do something there is always another uninvited person coming along! Thoughts?


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  • Well, my thoughts are exactly the same as yours; they are overprotective parents haha. There's not much you can do unless the guy introduces you to them and you all have a good chat and hopefully they feel better knowing you better. Parents always win unless their own child faces up to them but, based on your age being under 18, parents win regardless. They still give him a roof after all so not much you can do unless you go behind their back like most young teenagers lol.

  • Girl I'm 24 and my dad comes into my work everyday to make sure guys aren't talking to me the wrong way (I work in a bar)
    He can't even call my boyfriend my boyfriend lmfao he calls him my buddy.
    Hopefully they lighten up once they start liking you

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