Should I be worried? Am I tripping :/ or should I be weary?

So I have briefly started seeing someone I work with. I recently have stopped seeing someone else who exhausted my trust a little. I've had feelings for said coworker (let's call them Greg), for a bit. After some talking and what have you, hung out then another time got asked out on a date. We have gone on 4 dates, and Greg recently stated he really likes me. He and I have expressed that we don't really want people at work to know what's happening. I saw him the last two nights after work, talked made out whatever. I heard through a coworker he was talking about having a few dates last week, so I casually brought it up to gauge the situation (see where we are standing) and he said that it was a misunderstanding the coworker overheard and that he is not going on dates with anyone else.

Now this week he switched a shift with a coworker. I worked with said coworker on this night and when the manager asked why they switched he replied that Greg has a date tonight, and that he has a roster of two girls he's pretty sure. I didn't respond in front of them but it was kind of disappointing, its not like we are in a serious relationship but, if he told we he wasn't seeing anyone else before, should i be worried I'm being lied to?

Also why would u tell your friends you work with you have a date that night knowing I already overheard stuff before? Should I ask him about it again, explain the situation, or am I being silly. I just don't want to waste my time when I could deal without this weirdness.
Vat do?


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  • What the fuck is a date? I haven't had multiple girls since before age 21 before leaving my hometown... and I'm hot? What the fuck is a date?


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  • That sucks, dating people at work is a nightmare, but it also sounds like you work in a place where everyone talks and gossips, so it's a matter of time before something like that got out.

    Hmm now you could have a little fun and tell the gossiping co worker that on your next day off you have a date and hope he tells Greg...

    Or you can just tell Greg I don't think this is going to work.

    Something doesn't sound right, or feel right, but you just have to speak to Greg about it, lay down some ground rules if you are exclusive or not would be a good start...

    Good luck

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