According to how this girl has acted toward me, is she acting friendly, has a crush on me or acting polite to me or is she in love with me?

I assist this girl with several tasks and she acts this way towards me
1) She would tell me I’m awesome
2) After I assist her, she says I’m very helpful and say Thanks.
3) I usually send her an email starting off with Hello and she responds with Hi but once I sent a her an email starting off with Hey and she instant messaged me with a Hey also.
4) She saw me at a store and she jumped and screamed my name.
5) When I was assisting a friend, she offered to buy me candy and offered me coffee. When I declined the offer, she came in looking upset.
6) When I pass by and say Hello, she smiles and says Hello back.
7) She send me an email, chat every three to four days a week.
8) She stood in the corner and said see you later
9) Gave me her personal phone asking me to call her
10) Met in me in elevator and shout that has said she hasn’t seen me in a while and that she was stalking me.
11) She called me and asked If she was bothering me by contacting me so much.
12) Told me to have a good day or good weekend and say bye to me.
13) Call and leave voicemails.
14) Sent me a email Thanks. Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face emoji =)
15) Send me smiley face emoji through email and chat
16) Sat right to her and had long conversations and looked into her eyes and she ask questions

Is she
1) Acting nice/polite to me because I assist her
2) Has a crush on me/interested in me
3) Being friendly towards me/ Friendship/Friends with me
4) More than a crush: In love
5) Not interested in me
6) Friends but wants to get to know me better

Is it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and why?
It can be a combination of number depending on your opinions

What do you think about this situation?


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  • ...2...
    However, Can I Please ask YOU?
    6) Why have you NOT Asked her Out by Now? Sure Signs of a "Crush" and Maybe More.
    Good luck and the Weekend is right around the Corner. xx


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  • She considers you a good friend.

  • She is just acting polite. I don't think she is in love with you.


What Guys Said 6

  • What? Dude how old are you really? You sound like you're 14. Tell you what though, she's definitely not in love with you. She might be interested, she might not be, who knows until you ask her out on a date so man up and ask her out already.

  • Personally I would think option 6. Could be very friendly behaviour. If she acts in no way how she does to you to anyone else, no matter the gender, it is probably her personality which is caring. If you know for a fact it is only you there could be a strong possibility that something is going on but an equally likely locked-in friendzone situation.

  • It sounds like she likes you. However, be careful because I've been "played with" like this before.

  • She's either absolutely interested in you or the best/most misleading friend ever.

  • twoooo

  • Maybe, maybe not. A flower will tell you more than us, random internet people.

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