I'm an Indian guy. Should I approach women, or should I let them approach me after they reject everyone else?

I find that the majority of women despise Indian men, even those who are born and bred in the west like me. From experience, if I do the approaching, women tend to find it repulsive, regardless of how my approach is. What usually works best is when I shut up and ignore them, and carry on with my conversations with other men. It seems like women feel less threatened this way and find it interesting to approach me for a conversation.
What do you think?


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  • This is so true. Indian men suffer, due to the fact that a lot of women been approach by creepy Indian guys and the Indian guy was most likely, very sexual, too forward, and aggressive. You said women feel interested and less threatened when you ignore them, so I guess ignore them.


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  • It's blatantly obvious that you don't really even want answers to your question as much as you want people to confirm your bias and self-hatred.


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  • Girls don't hate me though 😏😏..

  • Ethnik male is a sexual death sentence in the us. Go back to India maybe.