Help me, i'm not sure if I love her?

i'm a 20yo male and i've had untreated anexiety my entire life.

Well 7 months ago i literally found the girl of my dreams, she has all i've ever wanted, which is wierdly accurate, from the green eyes and fitness body to the taste in music and sweet personality. it feels like we had the same life but in different genders. im so confident around her i feel like another person. i dated her for 4 months, became official 3 months ago and had sex only a month ago.

I dont know if im in love, at the beginning i got the butterflies and anexiety to the point i felt sick, didn't wanted to screw it up so i acted as the pefect guy, early in the relationship i played it cool and all but for t until i got comfotable with her and i showed the best of my true self. But for the last 2 months i've been overly romantic, mixed with being an asshole at times, i promised her a future together plenty of times and even children, it feels so real at the moment, but at times when i'm alone i feel like a disgusting liar that tells those lies just to get laid and ruin a perfect girl like her; i've had the feeling twice that i dont love her truly and i'm constantly faking everything.

I get so worried about this it even feels like a nightmare at times and i break in tears. If i don't love her then who will i ever love? if she is as perfect as she is, why do i doubt myself about my love towards her? she's only had 1 relationship prior to me and he cheated on her and broke her heart. I truly dont want to hurt her, she has such a kind soul, no one should ever corrupt it. i realized i've been an asshole at times lately and that makes me doubt my feelings even more. She is madly in love with me and i want to be the guy she deserves, i'm so confused, is this the anexiety talking? trying to convince me i dont really love her and that i've faked the whole relationship just for sex?


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  • ☹️️ oh honey, you sound so stressed!!
    Is there any reason your anxiety is untreated? Do you have any coping strategies to bring your tension down when you need to think things through?

    I think love is a really complicated emotion, and because it's different for everyone it's hard to say what it is and isn't. I think you're putting a lot of pressure on a very new relationship when really, it's early days. You don't need to promise her children and marriage you just need to enjoy your time together now and treat her well. If you find your feelings aren't as strong as you thought that's ok, but promising things like that make it so much harder if anything changes.
    Just enjoy it for what it is now


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  • I tell you what... go to a doctor and they will give anti anxiety meds... It will sove your problem. Seriously!! You need to treat it!