Is it time to move on?

So my friend (who's a girl, I'm a guy) seems to not really give a crap about me.

Basically, it all began last month when I told her I liked someone else. She began to ignore me, but eventually stopped it. Then I told her I was trying to get back in contact with my old crush and again, ignored. But I lost my feelings for my old crushes, and formed them for her. She found out, got excited, spoke about it loudly, told all her friends, basically she seemed very happy. She confronted me about it, I told her I wasn't sure how I felt. She told me to let her know when. But the next day, she ignores me more harshly than ever before. And she continued doing this for the next week, not showing any interest at all, so I ignored her back. When she walks past me, she just does a quick glimpse out of the corner of her eyes. But for some reason, she keeps asking my friend why I haven't approached her. I'm getting sick of her ignoring me, and am wondering of I should move on. I'm not dealing with her BS. She better have a good reason why she's acting like that. But anyways, do you guys think it's time to move on?

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  • No, don't do it (yet).
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  • No, you should ask her out if you want. She want you to ask her out that why she ignoring you, us girls can be difficult, we want the guys to go that extra mile for us and for her, it's for you to approach her even though she's ignoring you, it kinda say 'I don't care your ignoring me, cuz I still care about you and won't let you go' hope is not to deep 😂 and that it helps ❤️


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