He reads my texts but takes hours to reply?

So I've been speaking to this guy for over a week now and we got on really well, he recently went away for a few days in which he was continuously speaking to me even when he was with his friends all the way up to boarding his plane. He said he'd text me when he's back and wishes me a nice weekend. I didn't think much off it, just thinking that he wouldn't message back and that'd be the end of things. Surprisingly I get a message off him a few days later and we begin to chat again, since than he's been a bit off but i've put it down to him just being hungover from the trip and not having enough energy.

3 days have passed now and his responses seem to be getting longer, I'm not one of these girls that get all up tight about response time as I'm not the greatest myself. However this guy for some reason will open the message and than just not reply for say 20mins - 6 hours, I get people are busy and that but why open it if your not going to reply? I was just going to write him off last night but than he texted me this morning just to say good moring. He's initiated the conversations and sometimes when my response has been a bit blunt to end a conversation he'll carry it on. I'm just a bit confused by the whole he read it but takes his time to respond. Is he just trying to act cool or just stringing me along? I apologised earlier for my late response as I was at work and he replied "my replies are just as bad" Guys any help here?


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  • honestly i have a girl text me that om not really interested in like that be i feel that she forces the situation wit trying to be with me instead of just being friends so when we do talk its for short amount of time cuz she's always bringing it up so i stopped texting her back

    • Thing is I haven't forced anything. I haven't double texted him or got annoyed by his response time, I've just acted how I would with any other friend, which isn't that bothered. It's not the response time as such, it's the he's read the message & hasn't replied till hours later part that gets me. My response time is shocking also, but I never open a message & will just ignore it for hours

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    • I enjoyed speaking to him but I couldn't say interested fully as I've never met him, I enjoyed the banter and jokes. But that's kinda fizzled out now & I've pretty much lost any little interest I've had, I'm just curious as to why guys do that for?

    • yea i understand what your saying and i think honestly he found something that has his interest a little more because that's what i know some guys to do so i think is cuz of someone else...

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  • Maybe he's busy, that's why it takes him more time to reply to your messages. Or he just doesn't feel like talking.
    Sometimes I do the same thing. I always reply, but there are times that I just don't feel like it.

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