Why do women just stop all contact with men?

So I been seeing this girl for 5 months now And she suddenly stop talking too me. she was flakey right off the start but she always said good morning and talked to me all day blah blah but anyways she stopped talking to me because I told her it's not fare to cancel dates all the time. So I see the end is coming soon and I'm gonna get the old it's not you its me talk soon but so be it she's obviously not into me. What I'm wondering is why did she play me soo long and why doesn't she just breakup with me rather then playing with my head I don't understand why women feel the need to do this it only make us guys feel even shittyer and confused and it can't be very enjoyable to her What's the need? Why not just tell him so he can work on himself for the next girl?

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  • They lose interest


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