Is a rebound ever okay?

I just had to end things with a guy I really liked because I knew it wasn't going to work out. In some regards we were very similar, in others (big, unavoidable things) we were very different. We weren't together, it wasn't a relationship. We were just dating. But it was enough that I was emotionally invested and I cried even though I knew stopping seeing him was going to best for both of us. I ended up starting to talk again with a guy I had talked to around the same time I met the guy I've been seeing and we made plans to meet up this weekend. I can't help feeling like this is a rebound though, even though it wasn't really a break up I went through since there was no relationship to break up from. Do you think a rebound is ever okay or is it always a little unfair?


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  • sure it is. quick easy way to get over someone fast, ego boost, no mourning alone, and as a great way to make your ex jealous


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  • Nope it is not