Am I "whipped" since my girlfriend and I moved in together?

I still like to keep time for friends and my girlfriend balanced and was at happy hour watching the football games yeasurday and I got a text to order her a burger to go and the pick her up some material to to finish the blanket she is making for our dog. I reluctantly left after I got her food and when I explained why i had to leave half an hour early they mocked me and commented that since her and I began living together I've been whipped.


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  • Ummm, no.

    Dude, you love this girl right? She makes you happy and KEEPS you happy?

    - Not whipped, you're a man who takes care of his woman. - - -HOPEFULLY, she takes care of you too.

    Hell, that doesn't mean whipped, that's one hell of a compliment for the woman. I've had a man leave a sports bar, get his food to go, in the MIDDLE of a game so he could spend time with me. <3 That showed me how much I meant to him. & Of course, I made it worth his while. lol

    Now.. If you do her nails every night and she gets pissed you don't... Man, then I'd ask yourself if you're whipped. But, some enjoy that type of relationship.

    Next time, lie to your guy friends about why you have to leave. Shit, they're going to mock you till the cows come home. THEY don't need to know your business.

    • I actually got the food for her and it bothers me cause I mean my friends also have gfs and they never really leave early in these situations but this is the first time I left in this manner and 2 weeks ago I skipped all together cause she wanted to share a few drinks together and have alone time.

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    • There's nothing wrong with that. As I've gotten older, PDA has lost interest in my eyes. If he initiates, it's acceptable and I don't object.

      - You're not whipped. You're a man who's **showing** his woman that he cares. <- For the love of women everywhere, I ask that you DO NOT change. It's hard to find a man that will show it.

      Anyone can say it, few can back it up with a gesture like yours.

    • Thank you for MHG :)

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  • And why didn't you just tell her that you'll do it after the game? Yeah you sound whipped.

    • Well she unexpectedly ran out of it and needed it and the local craft store was closing at 7. I left happy hour at 6:30 to give myself time to get there.

    • Well I guess it depends how much time you get to spend with your friend over all. If you hang out with them all the time then it's not a big deal but if you only meet occasionally and you have to leave early for her dog blanket then yes you are extremely pussy whipped.

    • Well yeah it's three buddies I went to HS and undergrad with and we used to meet every weekend for happy hour the last few years. Then when I moved in with her last month I left early once and skipped once cause she wanted to have alone time.

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  • Yes you are lol. I have a hard time just getting my husband to bring me a glass of water in our home. It's okay if you want to be though.

  • Haha, yeah... your mistake was to leave early. And being whipped isn't all bad. And then you reluctantly left.. if you are going to leave... own it... don't do it reluctantly because then it looks like she is making you do something you don't want to do. And never admit to your guy friends that you are going shopping for material for your girlfriend to do home projects, unless she is making you a hunting jacket, or kegerator or something like that. But by the way you descirbe it, i'd say you are whipped.


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  • Bring out the latex and chains

  • well guys do trash talk and humiliate each other. So just ignore them. Moving in with someone is a big step so it ok to be dutiful towards your partner. But be helpful not a slave

  • I'd say a little as she made you leave early and you had to run errands for her.

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