What's the best way to approach a girl over facebook?

Basically I want to get with this girl (she went to my school and goes to my university) but we have never spoke and I have no way of contacting her in person (we are on different courses so she will have a different time table to me, making contact in person impossible at this moment because I have no Idea where to find her).

This means facebook is my only option, how do I contact her over Facebook without seeming creepy (getting a random message from someone would seem kind of weird). I can't think of a good way to start a natural conversation past "hey :) x".

I have thought of several things to say after she would respond with "hey" such as;

"Seems a bit random but I noticed you're going to X Uni too so i thought I'd say hi x"

"I noticed you're going to X Uni too and thought i'd say hi :) x"

"So you're going to X Uni too? x

"How are you? x"

They get progressively worse. I can't think of a good way to start a conversation (I only want to use Facebook as a means to meet in person at this point). Any help with this situation would be appreciated.


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  • "I noticed you're going to X Uni too and thought i'd say hi"
    That doesn't sound bad at all and I'd definitely reply if someone started a conversation like that.

    • Should I use that as the first message? Or should I start with "hey" and then send "I noticed your going to x uni too and thought I'd say hi"

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  • Assuming she isn't creeped out by a total stranger adding her and immediately hitting on her via Messenger, you could find out what events are going on at the university for Halloween or the holidays (or reading week) and ask if she's going to them.

    • Not a total stranger, we were on the same course in school and know of each other. But not a bad Idea.

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  • "Hey, I know your mom." [dick pic]

  • by having a profile pic that isn't ugly