Is it fair that I choose not to participate in my friend's bull**** games (she's a girl, I'm a boy)?

She found out I liked her, and she sounded like she liked me too (touchy, laughing, etc.).

Now she's ignoring me very harshly. No talking, stopped teasing me, NOTHING. So I am ignoring her back because it's a bunch of BS what she's doing. Only thing she does now is stare at me for like 1 second after she walks past me with a sad look.

Is it fair that I choose to not participate in these games?

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  • How do you know if she found out that you liked her? How much do you like her? What if she thought you didn't have interest in her so she wanted to respect you?
    What if she was sad bc she thought you had no interest?

    • I know she found out because my friend told her and she confronted me about it.

      But earlier last month I told her I liked someone else and then she began ignoring me. She still asked how I was, but ever since then she's been different, stopped teasing me, but still touchy. But now ever since she found out she's been doing it harshly. Not asking how I am, stopped talking all together. But whenever she gets near me or walks by me she takes these 1 second glances.

    • How much do you like her? How do you show her that you like her?

    • Why don't you talk to her?

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  • To me it sounds like she thought of you as a friend and you misread her behavior. Some people are just naturally outgoing/touchy. She probably started ignoring you because she didn't want to lead you on, but the way she's doing it does sound a bit immature


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