How to make a girl laugh and feel comfortable around you?

So I'm more of a serious and nice guy that takes everything too serious, in my opinion anyways. I would like some tips/advice on how to be funnier or at least make a girl laugh quite a few times while we are on a date or just hanging out. The part that sucks is i wanna ask my crush out this week but I don't know if I can make her feel comfortable or just laugh so she can know I'm a fun guy. If any one can answer I would really appreciate it.


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  • A funny guy is great... but humor isn't everything. You can always improve skills, but work with your strengths. Personally, I am super attracted to deep, intellectual guys. If I can talk to them about real-life things, I'm just as interested as if they made me laugh. There is obviously a balance; just don't downplay your strength.

    Maybe you could tease a bit? Not about super serious stuff, but things to get her attention.


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  • o that is hard. Just try and be funny. Don't censor your thoughts. If you think of something that might be funny just say it. Try to learn some jokes that you can use. Watch her favorite tv shows and use references from those with her. She will love that.
    To make her more comfortable touch her more, be closer to her, hug her, hold her hand.


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