Guys didn't show interest in me?

When I was in college guys never asked me out (dates or relationships). They didn't dance with me. Yet they did weird stuff like some would stare but never approach and look terrified or ignore me if I got close - and once this really hot popular guy that I had been in a performance with came up to me (he was tipsy) at the after party, said "(my name)!!!" really loud, and kissed me on the cheek as my roommate stared at me openmouthed. Yet otherwise he almost acted like he didn't know me.

Other than those things they didn't show interest in me. Guys any ideas? I dressed the same as the other girls, I thought I was fun and funny and interesting...

I'm curious as to thoughts, this has bothered me for a long time.


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  • Same. Girls never approach me and ask to Netflix and chill. Guess I'm too damn good looking for all them.

    • Would you not approach a girl because she was really good looking? (I've been told I am but things like this make me think not so much)

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    • Fair enough - I'm working on it!

    • Wait even the dude who danced with everyone else?

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  • Were you shy? Did you ever openly express interest in dating someone?

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