Boyfriend forgot my birthday gifts?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 2 years and he has never forgotten my birthday. He always shows he appreciates me by sending cute texts and meeting up twice a week due to our lifestyle, which shows he gives his time and effort to this relationship. He went on holiday in August and it was my birthday in September. He texted every day saying he misses me and I missed him a lot too. He also said he got me gifts while he was on holiday in preparation for my birthday and when he came back, he sent me a picture of a pendant he said he bought for me and said that he kept it away safely. But it's now nearly November and I haven't received anything since. I tried to make up a story where I said my friend got the exact same pendant and he just said "Really? :D". I am not one who cares about material things and I am very modest so I never asked. But it hurt. I don't plan to tell him how much it hurt me but I know he's very forgetful. However I don't know what to do now. Should I ask or should I just leave it? Thank you to anyone who suggests something.


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  • That's inexcusable big time I don't blame you for feeling so bad

    • To answer your question he needs to know right away

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    • No he should feel bad for missing it

    • But he did give me his hoodie to keep after we were talking about clothing one day... I just felt a bit unappreciated after the birthday thing. I think I'll wait until we meet again to tell him. Thanks for replying. ☺

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  • Maybe you should openly bring it up to him. He probably thinks that he has already given it to you.