He hasn't been seeing anyone else?

i met this guy online.
It's been a month now and we see each other once a week. we are intimate.

last time we met I asked him if he's been on a date with other girls and he said he hasn't since he met me.
he asked me the same question and I answered no.

and the conversation pretty much ended there. We've only met 4-5 times now and I think it's still too early to have relationship talk.

my question is,
do guys mean it when you say you not been on a date with other girls?
I heard guys are very straight forward answering this kind of question, like if they still want to date around they say so so girls don't expect much and 'the relationship talk' can hold for now.

I know he likes me he's very thoughtful and caring, but since we're not in a relationship I wouldn't blame him even he's seeing other girls. but I like him and been seeing only him so I just want to know..


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What Guys Said 1

  • No. He has for sure been seeing other girls. No guy who is successful with women is going to risk putting all his eggs in one basket.

    " I asked him if he's been on a date with other girls"

    This is really clingy on your part and is something that would drive me away.

    Source: 3 gfs off POF/Tinder.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, there are people who lie.